Case Studies


1) Provision of Clinical Education and communication

The Christie Charitable Fund

Funding provided towards the development of the Christie Proton School, which will facilitate a bespoke range of educational programmes to local, regional and international clinical and academic communities on all aspects of Proton Beam Therapy.

Grant £125,000 in 2019

Kings College – Cicely Saunders Institute of Palliative Care

Funding for the provision of a lecture theatre and its associated training rooms within the New Institute of Palliative Care. Cicely Saunders Foundation’s mission was to create a ‘global’ gold standard for palliative care to ensure that pain is relieved to the fullest extent possible.
Grant £1 million.

Pennine Acute Trust

Creation of a ‘state of the art’ acute simulation suite sited at the Royal Oldham Hospital and redevelopment of existing facilities at the North Manchester General Hospital site to create a bespoke community and multipurpose simulation facility.
Grant £257,000


Wansbeck General Hospital

Creation of significant acute simulation suite incorporating a six bedded bay, six simulation rooms , four classrooms, IT control room, wet room , technical room and various office space. The simulation suite will serve 11 hospitals in the North Tyne area.
Facility opened in Autumn 2016.
Grant £180,000

Arthur Rank Hospice

Funding provided for an education and training suite in a new build hospice in Cambridge. The regional training facility is used for the training of health care professionals wanting to specialise in palliative care. The training is provided to GP practices, psychiatrists and their teams, and the local hospitals of Addenbrookes and Papworth.
Facility opened Autumn 2016.
Grant £200,000

James Paget Hospital

Upgrade of a simulation suite and purchase of a new Sinman.
Completed summer 2015
Grant £42,000


2) Innovation and educational technology and processes

Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine

Funding provided towards the development and construction of a new active learning and teaching space with the aim of creating a technologically advanced environment to support global health leaders of the future.

Facility opened December 2018

Grant £98,000


3) Medical professionalism and leadership

Faculty of Medical Leadership and Management

Delivery of an ‘Expert ‘ Leadership Development Programme and Evaluation of Doctors in Post Graduate Training and of new Consultants. The aims of the programme are to equip them with the skills to engage in leadership and management and include:

  • Improving the quality of care experienced by patients in the UK through better medical leadership.
  • Inspiring , equipping and enthusing a highly select group of senior trainees and new consultants with the potential to be the senior leaders of the future.

Grant £103,000

Projects related to new models of care


Funding for research into developing alternative treatments for prostate cancer. The results of the research are now being incorporated into innovative patient treatments.
Grant £426,000

Royal College of Psychiatrists

Research Fellowship – the aim of which is to change cultural attitudes amongst medical practitioners by embedding awareness and practice relating to young carers in the specialist training of all doctors.
Grant £70,000